After your design is passed on to the construction department, a project manager is assigned to aid in the process of your construction with their high level of communication and availability to clients. The project manager of your site oversees our well-trained foremen as they install your design with an efficiency and attention to detail that ensures these landscapes will last. With our experienced crews and quality materials, we guarantee that our artistic designs will come to life at your home. From outdoor kitchens to detailed gardens and everything in between, Midwest Arbor is capable of constructing and managing every aspect of your outdoor home construction.

At Midwest Arbor, we believe that the construction on your home should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you. Our staff is working at your home to bring your landscape to life in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We enjoy the process of working with you through each step of the construction. Upon completion of the project, a final meeting is scheduled to hand over your project to our maintenance department so that they may further nurture and develop your new investment.

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