The Midwest Arbor design process begins with a consultation meeting. By meeting at your home for the first time, we are able to formally introduce ourselves as well as discuss the plans, ideas, and desires you may have for your home project.

After this consultation meeting, our design team meets in order to discuss ideas that will integrate your desires into a unique design that is both artistic and practical. Our experienced team will then visit your home to photograph and survey the existing conditions. This visit allows our design team to get a feel for the site they will be a part of while also allowing them to brainstorm design ideas specific to your home.

Based on the consultation meeting and survey work, a hand rendered design is then created for your home. These hand-rendered designs are the first step in establishing our personal bond with you. Once this design is completed, a meeting is made at your home to present our design along with a landscape handbook specific to your project. Once a design is finalized to fit your specific needs and budget, the construction process is ready to begin at your home.

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