In the maintenance division, Midwest Arbor strives to bring life and vibrancy to your outdoor spaces. Midwest Arbor maintains both jobs that we have completed the construction on as well as jobs with existing landscapes in need of maintenance. With an attention to both detail and efficiency, Midwest Arbor’s maintenance is focused on providing our customers with a fiscally responsible way to a beautiful yard.

For each customer, an individualized plan is created to accommodate for the specific needs of your home. In every maintenance plan, recommendations are given as options to enhance the beauty of a landscape. From these recommendations, the homeowner is given the option to choose what best fits their needs.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance is performed during the growing season and is designed to provide the correct services based on the season and proper horticultural standards.


Spring Clean Up and Mulch

The spring clean up and mulch installation are typically performed during the month of April and help prepare your landscape for the upcoming season.


Supplemental Work

Midwest Arbor provides a variety of supplemental work to ensure any landscape environment can be and remain at its best.


Seasonal Work

Midwest Arbor offers unique, year around services to ensure your home is always looking its best no matter the season.


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